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SYF Qualifier Details 10/1/2023

Event Location: William Jessup University 2121 University Ave
Rocklin, CA. 95765

Spectator Fees: CASH ONLY $10 per session
KIDS 2 and Under are FREE

● A map of the school is attached
● Any parking that is not in a legal parking spot will be subject to a tow at the owner's expense
● No charge for parking

A concession stand will be located in the foyer of the gym. The university asks that no outside food or drink be brought into the gym.

Competition Floor: The floor will be 9 mats (54’ wide x 42’ deep)

Warm Up:
Report to warm ups 10 minutes prior to make sure that you don’t miss your check in time
Speaker System will be provided. Mp3 connection will be available. No cds allowed
Participants and BADGED coaches ONLY in warm up and backstage
There will be no storage backstage for any personal items.
SYF will not be responsible for any personal items Each team will have 5 minutes to warm up on 2 different sets of mats (10 minutes total).

Warm up will follow this structure:

● 8 minutes: Each team will have 9mats 54”long and 42’ deep.

Coach will be led to music table as teams are lining up.
Coach MUST push play to start music. That coach MUST STAY AT THE MUSIC TABLE to also stop the music and to take player Spotters will be provided at coaches request.
No other people will be allowed to spot

After Performing:
After awards (if your session has awards), gym will be cleared of ALL PEOPLE,

Score sheets:
2 judges will score each routine
Teams will receive 2 score sheet and 1 execution sheet

Judge summary will be emailed for all categories. Score sheets will be available after awards or end of session. Score Sheets can be picked up at the warm up check in table. Score sheets will be given to Cheer Coordinators or Presidents ONLY

Penalties/Rules Violations:

●  Teams will be penalized for any violation of the rules or guidelines.
●  Penalized teams will be notified of violation when picking up score sheets.

Attached you will find the following schedule and info packs.  MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR TIMES AS SOME HAVE CHANGES SLIGHTLY

Attachment - October 1 Qualifier
Schedule for Oct 1 Qualifier
Things to tell spectators about Oct 1 Qualifier
Map of location for Oct 1 Qualifier

We will have a broadcast (LIVE STREAM) of the qualifiers.  If families want to watch and are unable to attend, send them the schedule so that they know what session to watch.  Click on the links below to purchase viewing of the session.  The following links below are for OCTOBER 1st ONLY.
October 8th will be sent out next week.  Just copy any paste the links of your session and you can send out to your families.  This is an outside company who is providing the service, so there is a fee associated to watch the stream.

Things that you may want to know...(This info was sent in ALL PREVIOUS emails)
  • Results will be sent out on Oct. 9 after BOTH events have finished (evening)
  • Championship Schedule will be sent out on Oct. 9th (evening)
  • Rules questions need to be emailed to [email protected]
  • Please share the map, event details, and session that you will perform in so that spectators know when they need to be at the event.
  • Only awards sessions during the qualifier will be for the HALFTIME categories.  
  • Mascots will be given medals after their performance.  
  • Scoresheets will be available around 20 minutes after performance at check in table
  • Scoresheets need to be picked up by president or cheer coordinator only
  • Missing stamps will be done at check in.  Make sure to arrive approx. 1 hour before check in time.