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Concussion Rule – 
Any Player / Cheerleader showing any sign of being concussed, will be immediately deemed ineligible for play / practice, until medically cleared to participate, in writing, by an appropriate health care provider, a copy of said clearance must be sent to the commissioner’s office and viewed, prior to the participant being cleared to participate.

No participant may return to play without the express consent of the commissioner’s office.

Failure to comply with this rule will result in the immediate decertification of member status within SYF.

Participant safety is paramount!!!

All coaches, players, and parents shall comply with all applicable concussion management and return to play protocols, and practice restrictions, including, but not limited to AB2127 and AB2007. 

Click the links below for more information. 
2019 SYF Concussion info Sheet
2019 Concussion Incident Report Form
2019 syf return to play progression protocol concussions 2019.pdf