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Aug, 2018


SYF complies with the PLAYER EQUIPMENT SECTION 5 OF THE NFHS RULES BOOK 2018, which in part provides that each player must wear mandatory equipment to include jerseys not altered to decrease protection, long enough to reach the top of the pants and completely covering ALL pads (for SAFETY in part so  fingers do not get caught in pads/jerseys).  Pants must completely cover the knees, thigh guards and knee pads and any portion of a knee brace that does not extend below the pants.  Knee pads are mandatory (we had a youth who had a dislocated knee this past weekend, thank goodness he had proper knee pads).  For shoes they cannot have spikes or materials which can develop a cutting edge, Adidas Adizero 5-star 7.0 w/ SPIKES are illegal per NFHS rules.  
The Head Coach certifies that all players are properly and legally equipped before the game starts, therefore if any of the above or other illegal equipment is found during the game the head coach receives a unsportsmanlike (UNS) conduct penalty per NFHS Rule 9-8-1(h), two (2) UNS penalties of any type against a head coach results in his ejection from that game and he/she must leave the stadium area.  
Please make sure all youth players have proper equipment.  The mouth protector does not need to be tethered to the face mask (although we recommend it is as youth have swallowed them).
Sincerely, Bill Kruse        (SYF, Head of Officials)